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Activate Wealth, Success, and Happiness when you Command your body and brain to know your clear intentions while in the theta brain wave state. We have thousands of success stories from applying The One Command and we want to share the process with you.

Asara Lovejoy, founder of the technique often says, “You are the most important person to get to know in your universe.” We know you have an innate ability to change your brain, change your mind and up-level your quality of thought to live the life you have dreamed possible.

Once you discover how to impact and create your life, that you have the power to direct results – especially the results you want – life becomes much more satisfying. Like the business owner who doubled her income, or the mother who reunited with a troubled child, or the couple who found love again in their marriage.

It's easy to get started with The 7 Day Transformational Commands as our gift to you.

Once you tap into the process, and see how your brain and body are easy to direct, you'll be surprised at how much control you have in directing the outcome of your life.

We welcome you to The One Command experience,
Asara Lovejoy, Founder
Eden Lovejoy, Owner 
Ariel Eden, Visionary
Success by Your Command

Enjoy the journey.

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