Change Your Brain for Wealth, Happiness
and Success by Your Command

Let me show you how 

When you take charge of your brain and Command it to follow your direction your wealth, success and happiness is guaranteed!


And Yes! There is a part of your brain that has a quantum effect in your results and engages your DNA with infinite possibilities.


      Access this powerful mind state through the proven One Command Technique in 6-easy steps.

Unleash A More Magnificent Version of Yourself!

There is a greater intelligent circuitry in you that operates beyond normal awareness and yes, you have spontaneously tapped into it from time to time. Think of those times when you called a loved one or friend simply on a gut hunch and helped them out. Or solved a problem you “slept on” overnight. Or “met just the right person at the right time” and called it divine intervention, or miraculous synchronicity.

That is because you raised your thoughts into a certain frequency – a more powerful thought field - and saw the results.

It is that simple.

This FIELD contains the most magnificent version of yourself and it is possible for you to INCREASE THE TIME YOU SPEND THERE, and decrease the time you spend in fear, guilt, disappointment, or struggle.

What transpires as a result is simply unbelievable until you live it!

Business owners have increased profits and improved relationships; individuals have generated new innovative ideas in science and the arts; families have reconnected and erased years of estrangement and disappointment; and every person – this is a firm promise – every person who learns this technique is more relaxed and peaceful every time they take just minutes to make a Command.

Joe Vitale

“Asara Lovejoy and her 6-step One Command process is worth listening to. Her enormous dedication to helping others see their potential in new ways is inspiring. I highly recommend Asara and The One Command.”

Jack Canfield

"Some of you may not have heard about The One Command yet, but you’ll be excited when you do! Here I am with my friend Jack Canfield – you know The Chicken Soup for the Soul guy and his copy of The One Command book."

James Malinchak

“I’ve spent time with Asara Lovejoy and her One Command process and highly recommend her powerful, Technique Training for making real change in your thinking.”

YES you can Command your ENTIRE SELF with both the desire AND instructions to achieve, create, and realize ANYTHING you want with ASTONISHING speed and ease.

When you jump into The One Command® Technique new cortical brain connections fire and you realize the person you want to be in new ways. As you drift through your thoughts and see the past, you realize that now you can direct your brain to a new future. That is the KEY proven again and again by the many thousands applying The One Command Technique®

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