Success by Your Command Programs

Love, Relationship, and Happiness

You are about to begin a fascinating journey into Love, Relationship, and Happiness and how it can and will change every idea of yourself in the world. The power of this course is that each area of you and your life is addressed so that what is hidden is revealed and what is stagnate can be revived with new energy.

$47.00 USD

Personal and Business Success

Personal and Business Success are such important aspects of our lives – in our own advancement and self-development, as well as, how we contribute to others and the world at large. We’re launching this program with a 2-Part presentation of The One Decision that you must make to change it all.

$47.00 USD

Foundation Course 1

Jump in as you learn the what, why, and how of The One Command. In these 4 videos, you'll find your mind opened to the new possibilities for your life. Welcome to the journey.

Your Gift! ($297 Value)

Cash Rich Success

Boost your confidence, level up your energy, and Increase Your Cash Flow. Start collecting your cash Today!

$97.00 USD

Quantum Success

Science has seen behind the curtain of matter in the Quantum Field and these discoveries govern consciousness and its application in our daily life whether we are aware of them or not. Now is the time for your greater Mastery and authority in creating your reality.

$97.00 USD

One Command Certified Circle Leader

You will not only be very well trained to run One Command Circles – but you will also now have all the resources you need:The One Command Circles Certified Leaders Manual, All of the Handouts to supply to your attendees, The One Command FAQ’s pdf, Sample Flyers to promote your One Command Circles. You will have a ready-made program that you can bring right into your living room, your church, your regular meeting groups, or your business office.

$197.00 USD

Executive Success Coaching Program

You are about to begin your next great adventure of personal and professional growth. You begin your training as a certified Executive Success Coach with specific learning points of coaching and the 7 Precepts of The One Command.

Single Investment $497 USD 4 monthly payments of $147 USD

Mastery in Action - The Advanced Teachings of The One Command

Welcome to attending the Advanced Teachings of The One Command and discovering your new level of Mastery in your life. Mastery in Action means going beyond change into being in charge of evolving every idea, thought belief, behavior, and action that limits you in this lifetime.

$497.00 USD

The One Command Technique Training

The training delivers 10 videos with audios to listen to again and again; handbooks with each video, and fun practice sheets. Plus 4 Videos Bonus Foundation Course. AND once you have completed the training you receive the Super Bonus of 5 specific applications in the Advanced One Command Techniques. (This one is especially useful for coaches, consultants and leaders).

Single Investment $997 3 monthly payments of $335

One Command Seminar Leader Training

Invest today to access this comprehensive training program to learn how to be a successful One Command Seminar Leader!

Single Investment $1,700.00 USD

Health, Healing, and Wellness

Using the simple 6-step process of The One Command you instantly refocus your attention toward health rather than illness and you establish a healthy relationship with your body and your healthy state of being.

$47.00 USD